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I have 4 years of experience as a VFX producer.

Most projects that I leed were full CG commercial projects, 2d animations, and advertising with VFX or Compositing.

I am strong in understanding all the processes of production of graphics and special effects for cinema and advertising.

I performed many processes on my own on freelance projects, here are my works



2018 – Courses: 1+1 TV ACADEMY, TV Producer

2015 – Courses: IT LABS. Software Testing.

2006 – 2008, The Interregional Academy of Personnel Management
Qualification: master
Specialty: “International economy and human resource management”

2002 – 2006, National pedagogical university named by M.P. Dragomanov
Qualification: bachelor of mathematics, teacher of mathematics
Specialty: “Mathematics and informatics”.

LANGUAGES: English, Ukraine, Russian


June 2018 – till now freelance VFX Producer and motion 2d,3d designer
Producer Showreel:

More than 100 projects successfully completed.

Brands and companies, I have collaborated with:

  • Philips – full CG video content with animation

  • Samsung – different adaptations projects

  • Snack Production (TM “Flint”, TM “Chipsters”, TM “Big Bob”, TM “Sun Sunich” and
    other) – adaptations, 2d and 3d animation projects, SFX, Sound design

  • TM “La Pasta” – photo project and adaptation projects

  • TM “Hutorok” – adaptation projects

  • TM “Lidskoe” – animation, VFX and compositing

  • GDF GROUP DF – business presentation

  • KMBS – full CG videos (fractals, flowers)

  • AFSANA – bear advertising (cleanup, SFX)

  • FAVBET – VFX, cleanup, sound design, SFX

  • MASKA – VFX, cleanup, compositing

  • Energodim – VFX, cleanup, compositing, 3d modeling and animation, 2d motion design

  • TM “VitaLyx” – 2d design, 2d animation

  • TM “Toyota Hilux” – cleanup, compositing

  • NFT project “Grumpy Pandaz” – full CG animation videos with compositing

  • NFT project “RHINO” – 3d close collection (legendaries)

  • NFT project “The Jungle Tribe” – 3d close collection (legendaries)

Managed a team of over 20 different CG, VFX and SFX freelance specialists

Managed 5 projects at the same time

I have experience in how to lead projects when you hear sirens and sounds of bombs.

Tools used


  • Adobe aftereffects (motion design and VFX)

  • Photoshop

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Davinci Resolve and Fusion

  • Blender

  • Premiere Pro

  • Shot Gun

  • Nuke (understanding pipeline)

  • Houdini (understanding pipeline)


April 2014 – June 2018 WebPros4All (website development)
CEO, Chief Business Development Director
Work Responsibilities:
 Business organization from scratch
 Sales management
 HR management

July 2013 y. – April 2014, ABBYY Software House ( – IT company
Business Development Manager SDK
Work Results:
 Organized 13 meetings in Turkey with Heads of IT companies about ABBYY cooperation
about SDK products.
 Signed a few agreements with IT companies and with one insurance company in Ukraine
 Analyzed the Ukrainian markets in IT, Hotels and Insurance spheres
 The total amount of the projects is approximately around 150 thousand euro

November 2012 – April 2013, BTL-PRO-( – event company
New Business Manager
Work Results:
 Introduced the CRM system – “Galloper”
 Tested the Galloper CRM and changed usability
 Signed agreements with the “AVK” and EKO Market, attracted projects (TMM, ERC – total
budget around 3 million UAH)
 Found and educate 4 sales managers
 Increased the number of visitors to a page on Facebook from 80 to 150 people
 Developed universal brief for customers
 Developed a sales department workbook and training manual for new employees
 Was involved in the development of all projects and the formation of projects budgets
 Was involved in finding contractors for projects

November 2011 – May 2012, Groupon Ukraine (
Project manager
Work Results:
 Created internet shops on CMS Joomla (one-page sites)
 Tested websites (usability and functionality tests)
 Optimized work of Call-center: reduced time of communication with a customer from 10 to
3 minutes and improved quality of communication; educated personnel to work with
Google Forms and the Excel report files
 Organized reporting and a schedule of couriers’ work
 Organized work with “Nowa Poshta” company
 Organized a warehouse and accounting, by means of the Google documents
 Recruited the personnel (chief of a warehouse, logistics manager, new couriers)

December 2010 – November 2011, TM “Happy Pappy” (
Project manager
Work Results:
 Organized the process of developing a website (waterfall software methodological)
 Tested website (usability, functional, and GUI)
 Introduced the system 1C: 8.0 for the accounting and sales department and tested it
 Developed a concept and business plan for the project
 Analyzed the competitive environment and made the budget of the project
 Developed promotion and marketing strategy.
 Made the first 8 products for sale
 Signed more than 40 contracts with service providers, received advantageous terms
 Organized development of printing production
 Organized work of a warehouse
 Presented the company on the exhibition of advertising, marketing, and a mass media “REX2011” from the Event Association of Ukraine
 Organized participation in the Business forum “Innovative marketing communication 2011”
as a sponsor
 Wrote an article «Emotion as a gift» for the journal “PROMaison” No. 10, August 2011

April 2010 – December 2010, TM “Radost” (
Project manager
Work Results:
 Organized accounting and inventory control, created a company’s balance sheet for the
the entire period of a project
 Organized a system of work with networks shops and logistic companies
 Created the new products (“Radost Leto” and “Radost Leto Gold”)
 Debugged the system analysis of competing companies
 Reduced a company’s costs, optimized cash flows and logistics
 Recruited new telephone sales managers and trained them for negotiations with customers
 Converted all reporting systems into Google documents format for remote project
 Developed corporate sales of the product (the greatest deal is 250 gifts for the Everest
 Made deals with new network stores: “Media-Centre”, «Multi», “Shtuchka” and a sales
place in TRTS “Blokbaster”
 Organized work for the warehouse
 Was making emergency decisions in management

2009 – 2010, “B2B exchange” (, product exchange
The sales manager and project manager
Work Results:
 Signed about 10 deals for more than 7 million UAH
 Signed agreements on cooperation with more than 30 companies
 Trained brokers to work with customers and conclusion of deals
 Was leading a base of 250 customers
 Created “Sales book” for internal training of managers and new employees
 Conducted training for one of the customers on the topic of “SPIN-sale”

August 2008 – November 2008, “INDUSTRIAL POWER” recruiting company
Business Development Manager
 Long-term development planning and optimization of a company’s costs
 Recruitment companies service market analysis
 Executive search and headhunting
 Planning the schedules of consultants
 The search for new customers
 Business negotiations with customers
 Coordination and conclusion of long-term contracts
 Organization of exhibitions (“Job fair” 2006, 2007)
 Organization of placement of advertising (websites, the press)
 Writing of professional articles (“Seven principles of a strategic partner” “Employment”
«How to work with recruiting company: how one should avoid errors » the magazine is
«Clerk» of No. 10 in 2008)

April 2007 is April 2008, “WORLD STAFF” recruiting company
Business Development Manager

November 2006 – March 2007, “WORLD STAFF” recruiting company

2003 – 2005, “Youth center of students and postgraduates of the National pedagogical university
named by M.P. Dragomanov”


Topics of trainings:

  • «Leadership and teamwork» – 2003 year

  • «The Aspects of leadership» – 2004 year

  • «SPIN-sales» – 2009 year

  • «the Taxes for beginners» – 2005 year

  • «Identity of the leader» – 2005 year

  • «Teambuilding» – 2003 year

Further information:
I was the owner and teacher at the school of social dances “Chilli Dance Studio”, I like to conduct
business games and training, draw and compose poetry, and I love skiing.

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