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Our Warsaw office is on the lookout for a Creative Director to inspire and lead our team with creative vision, music excellence and positive leadership. Curious to read what your role would include (but not be limited to)?
First thing first, you’re responsible for the creative direction of a selected portfolio of national and international clients (think commercials, films, games, trailers and co-lead audio branding projects) as well as for the department’s P&L. If you’re googling P&L, perhaps this role is not for you. Just saying.

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Karolina Gąsiorowska (SAR)
Dawid Kaźmierczak (Przestrzeń)
Mateusz Kowalewski (SAR)
Daniel Kuber (SAR)
Renata Kwiatkowska-Mroczek (SAR)

Michał Madejski (Gotoweb)
Kamil Michno (SAR)
Małgorzata Mioduszewska (SAR)
Teresa Skorupa (GONG)
Jakub Skura (SAR)

Marcin Sosiński (McCANN)
Marcin Talarek (GONG)
Filip Tofil (STGU)
Paweł Tyszkiewicz (SAR)

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