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Dear future colleague,

Alongside many my fellow Ukrainians I was made to look for a new place to live, to work and raise my children.

I do hope I will be able to return to my home country. But at the current moment, I’d be grateful for your taking into consideration my CV attached and letting me know how I can be useful for your company.

I hope my previous experience will help me to cope with all the tasks and challenges the position implies and of course I’m ready to learn all the new skills and do my best to help you achieve the goals of your company.

My educational background includes a Bachelor degree in International Economy and a Master degree in European Integration (Kyiv National Economic University). I’ve been actively involved in Communications and Project management since University, starting with my experience in a non-profit youth organization (European Youth Parliament, further – EYP) and continuing with my career in Samsung Ukraine Company from CEO personal assistant and CSR project manager to PR manager. Thanks to the five years of my total EYP experience (from participant to event head-organizer and board member) I’ve acquired useful knowledge and practice of intercultural communication and coordination of projects on national, regional and international level (from planning to full execution). EYP projects’ main goal is to create a platform for active discussion for young people from all European countries. Being a board member on International activities I made my contribution to EYP popularization in Ukraine, which enabled the young people in all country regions to receive opportunities of English practice, cultural exchange, building a dialogue, practice of public speaking skills and participation in open debates while meeting the full diversity of opinions and learning to reach a compromise.

Having received the experience of European integration, I started my professional career in a Company with a strong oriental culture. During my total 2.5 years of working in Samsung I improved and further developed my project management skills while planning and delivering CSR and PR projects to their social, media and financial criteria targets. One of my core goals while implementing Company’s CSR projects was to plan all activities in a way, which would involve as many stakeholders as possible. Therefore, Company’s CSR projects were implemented in a tight partnership with its partners, NGOs and Clients. This cooperation enabled Samsung to bring its CSR activities in education and health spheres to a completely new level thanks to a number of people actively involved and the impact these projects made on Ukrainian society. Speaking of PR activities, I managed numerous successful PR campaigns aimed at strengthening and consolidating the Company’s image of a top Brand in Ukraine. The significant part of the projects was built according to 360 marketing campaign scheme, including non-standard digital approaches as well as other innovative marketing tools. The biggest measurable outcome of Company’s PR and CSR activities was being the Leader among the most loved foreign brands in Ukraine for several years in a row.

My latest working experience included managing all marketing activities on Ukrainian market for Chinese smartphone brand – vivo.

Keeping PR as my favorite direction, I’ve gained profound experience in all marketing directions conducting PR, Digital, OOH, TV campaigns.
I’m sure I’ll be able to achieve great results in my position and be a good strengthening member of your marketing team.

Let’s grow together.

I’d be very grateful for your feedback.



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