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 More than 15 years of experience in the field of graphic design – labels, packaging, a full range of printing services, advertising design on various media, social media. networks and design adaptation for Google advertising.

Key knowledge and skills:

 Design of printed products of various types. I know how to improve, how to reduce the cost of the process, to make a wow effect in design with a minimum of printing costs. Development of a corporate identity, rebranding of an existing one. Strong knowledge of graphics software: Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Processing photos, creating illustrations on the tablet in vector and raster. Ability to interact with clients and contractors. To the phrase: we can’t print like this, there is always an argument or option from experience, how the printing process will be possible. Creativity, a sense of color and style, a creative approach to finding ideas and their implementation. Accuracy performance. Selling feeling.


Summary of Qualifscations

Employment History

01.02.2022-24.02.2022 Restaurant holding Bulldozer group

Chief designer

Creation of design for the French restaurant Frou Frou
(Kyiv, as well as the decision of the owner to transfer the menu design
to the St. Petersburg restaurant), the design of the delivery “People and Cutlets”,
he design of the Bulldozer Eat delivery, the design for the Sushi Manga restaurant
and the Nika restaurant in Dubai. Design and preparation of advertising pages for printing in a popular magazine.
Design of signs and banners in various formats, outdoor advertising, including the
format of a multi-storey building. Video and static images.
Advertising and adaptation for Google in all formats.
Designing an interior magazine and preparing for printing.
Creation of packaging design for bread, candy boxes, olive oil labels.
Processing photos of dishes, creating creative collages with dishes in Photoshop,
adapting photos for various applications. Design of banners, CityLight, outdoors in the metro,
for minibus screens, preparation of layouts in psd format for video at the Gulliver shopping
center (Kyiv). Flyers with offers and promotions. Creative approach to creating photos
for social media. networks and company website.
Interaction with the brand manager.
Packaging range: sticks, sushi boxes, noodles, etc., advertising design,
adult menu creation and children’s menu.
Menu development for Nika restaurant in Dubai in Greek style.

09.11.2019-24.05.2022 SMK groups (industry and production)

Chief designer

Development of new labels and rebranding of old ones (visualization and
presentation of labels). Discussing the printing process with printers, applying effects
such as embossing, hot and cold stamping, the number of colors used in printing,
matte or glossy varnish.
Drawing characters for labels and packaging on a tablet using a stylus.
Creation of a product catalog, flyers, banners, billboards, design of exhibitions,
stands and promotions.)
Promo form design for advertising and for company employees. Car branding.
Page design for Facebook and Instagram.
Development of design of advertising layouts for social media. networks.
Work with designers of advertising companies, contractors, photographers.
Design of the QMS website and the Cooker delivery website (Kyiv.)

05.11.2016-16.09.2019 Green Trade company (production and printing of labels)

Chief designer

Rebranding of labels and creation of a label from scratch for well-known
trademarks of Ukraine and abroad. Visualization of the 3 label options proposed
by me in the style of the customer. Discussion on improvement and making adjustments,
selection of paper and effects.
Development of the brand book of the company.
Corporate style development.
Creation of a logo.
Drawing characters for labels and packaging on a tablet using a stylus.

Creative design of the main menu of the restaurant including the cover, general
concept, selection of fonts. Designing a wine list in the form of a magazine and
developing a menu of desserts in the form of a postcard. In everything setting the
direction of the French style.
Setting up social networks: history, posts, as well as the script and preparation
of files for video in psd format.

Design development for large companies such as: TM Yatran, TM Baschinsky, TOV Tovuz,
Vaziani, TOV Veles, Makashvili Wine Cellar, TM Dakishvili, TM Teleda, Biosila LLC,
Bioart TOV, Baku Sharab, HP Kolis. You can see the design for the listed companies
in Ukraine on the shelves of Silpo, ATB stores and at SOCAR gas stations.
Registration of exhibitions in Georgia and Ukraine (creation of a catalog, advertising banner,
flyer, advertising printing.)
Interaction with photographers, printers and technologist to implement the conceived creative.
Discussing the printing process, applying effects such as embossing, hot and cold stamping,
the number of colors used in printing, matte or glossy varnish. The ability to reduce the cost
of printing and increase the cost of design.
Filling the company’s website with design solutions.

14.05.2014-22.08.2019 Favorit company (production, decoration of glass products)

Chief designer

Creation of an artistic design for the decoration of bottles of alcoholic
products (cognac, whiskey, vodka.)
Rendering of souvenir products for the cities of Odessa, Kyiv, Lvov.
Drawing a design on a glass, glass, bottle, cup, tile, using the Wacom art tablet.
Preparation of the layout for photo output, in Photoshop and Illustrator.
Interaction with printers for thermoplastic printing and decal printing, selection of a palette
of colors and the possibility of applying.
Quality control of application and printing.
You can meet the design in Ukrainian stores such as Auchan, Epicenter and souvenirs in
the cities of Odessa, Kyiv, Lvov.

01.09.2011-11.04.2014 Favorit company (industry and production of souvenirs)

Chief designer

Creation of design of artistic layouts for souvenirs (magnets, cups, glasses, plates,
t-shirts) using a Wacom tablet, watercolor pencils and acrylic paints.
Interaction with a 3d modeler to create a master model.
Painting the first model with an airbrush and acrylic paints. Palette selection.
Development of a quick painting process with a wow effect. Work with painters on the
process of applying paint with a brush and airbrush.
Fulfillment of not only a creative, but also a technological task: the selection of paint
from various companies and compositions, varnish, which would interact with plastic.
Drawing layouts for dishes, magnets, electroplating, clothes, key chains and other souvenirs.
Souvenir products you can find on the stalls of the cities: Odessa, Kyiv, Lviv and Vinnitsa.

22.06.2008-24.08.2010 Periwinkle (animation studio)

Аrtist animator

Creation of animated scenes.
Drawing with the help of standards.
Phasing using a glass background and a simple pencil.
Animation in Maya.
She took part in such projects as: “Petson and Findus”, “Lessons of Aunt Owl”,
“Lorange”, “Toot and Puddle”, “Nikita Kozhemyaka” and others.

Tools used

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Adobe Photoshop



Odessa Art and Theater School named after M.B. Grekov
Cinema photo video
director and cameraman of film-photo-video studio

Nikolaev branch of the Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts
Management and business

Fluent English, fluent Arabic, basic Russian, basic Ukrainian

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