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Recently I finished a product management course and was working on a dating web app as a product manager. Unfortunately, the war suspended my work. That is why I am looking for new job particularly in Product Management and I want to work alongside a Senior Product Manager to learn new skills from a professional.

For the last 5 years, I’ve been working in an affiliate network paysale.com growing from a content manager to affiliate manager and then to the senior affiliate manager.

In my Senior Affiliate Manager role, I have been conducting the implementation of new features of the website and coordinating the overall working process. My achievements include:

  • implemented ticket templates to improve and increase the working speed of the support department

  • created instructions for new employees to onboard them

  • implemented automatic rotation for landing pages to increase conversion of different offers

  • initiated, launched, and landed the creation of the web-site

The implementation of these features included task preparation for developers, designers, and freelancers, quality assurance when accepting the results, and monitoring later working processes and our team’s experience. Bug reporting in some cases.

In my Junior Product Manager role, I’ve been working on the dating site creation having an MVP to start with. Unfortunately, the processes I’ve launched now are suspended and it is unclear when they will be renewed. This includes:

  • new design of the web-pages

  • email-notifications

  • postback integration with the affiliate network

  • new landing pages to increase conversion

  • billing solution implementation

  • new statistics solution

I have experience in invoicing, preparation of documentation, and unparalleled attention to detail. As you can deduct from my previous roles, I have experience in affiliate networks, digital marketing, media buying, and 3rd party trackers. At the moment I am still studying at Coursera for the Google Project Management course.

As you may notice, I am eager to learn and grow in my career, and therefore, I am looking for new opportunities in the new job.

I am now residing in Warsaw thanks to good people. My house was shelled so I can’t come back and I aspire to find a permanent job in Poland or in another European country.



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