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I’m 24 years old architect and artist with 5 years of experience in conceptual design. With a background in architectural design and a passion for art and animation, I feel like I have a wide spectrum of skills that will bring benefit to your projects.
The last project I’ve been working on was developing an island in Seychelles. Our team won the tender and were asked to develop it further. Working on this project I with a team have been dedicating the majority of the time to creating an architecture that will be harmless for the surrounding environment. Working as a lead architect, this project gave me management experience, improved my critical thinking skills and improved my way of working on big scale projects. In my position I was responsible for creating a conceptual proposition, preparing a full design album which consists of analysis, base blueprints, documentation, fully shows an idea of concept including plans, diagrams, 3d model, static/video renderings. Also, I’ve been responsible for managing the team I’ve been working on during the projects.
In addition to my experience in design, I’m also work in the direction of video rendering. It’s one of my passion. It gives me an opportunity to fully shows the design idea and it helps the client to understand the design better, dive fully into it and speed up the decision-making process. After I started to add video renderings into the design proposition in my last job, we started to close 30 percent more concepts than before.
In my personal life, my passion is art. It helps me to talk with our world and to share my perception of it. In my architecture job, my art skills help me to transfer the idea straight from the thought to the paper and that to 3d model.



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