- the EU creative industry
uniting to help Ukrainian friends

ми з вами

To all our Ukrainian friends affected by Russia’s outrageous, unprovoked war – the EU creative industry is uniting to help.

The platform – an initiative of SAR Polish Marketing Communication Association, developed in cooperation with various other similar advertising/marketing associations from the EU countries, the Cannes Lions Festival representatives and the All-Ukrainian Advertising Coalition – was created to provide Ukrainian professionals with offers of help from the EU advertising industry.

The first version of the platform is aiming to provide help – both to those currently in Ukraine and those Ukrainian advertising professionals forced to seek shelter from war by going abroad – by aggregating job opportunities for Ukrainian professionals from the EU companies willing to help.

The platform also allows Ukrainian professionals to reach out to the EU creative industry.

We plan to provide further support in other ways such as by offering courses/training materials and offers from individuals willing to help in person.

Our goal is to find ways we all could be of help to you in any way we can.

“(…) We stand in solidarity with Ukraine! We want to help our neighbors live as normal as possible in the face of war and emigration. (...) We are creating a platform with job offers in the marketing communications sector, but we are open to any assistance initiatives from other entities and organizations.”
- Paweł Tyszkiewicz, managing director SAR

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