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Kateryna Bassarab. Tel :+380971771956. Email:kateryna.bassarab@outlook.com. Personal information -Date of birth:the 3rd of December 1983; -Place of birth: Mariupol,Ukraine ; -Nationality: Ukrainian; -Gender: Female; -Babies: having daughter; -Languages: English very good skills, Russian. Education 1 of July 2006 – Graduated from Donetsk National University, Specialist -Manager of Management and Informational Activity, Full Higher Education, Master Degree. Experience -From 2004 till 2006 -Full time manager in Bank (name” Mriya-Capital), was responsible for relations with clients of bank in Credit department. I was creating and drawing up of contracts of maintenance,crediting, pledge. -From 2012 till 2016 was working Full time in Mehraban transportation of fuel Co.in Dubai, UAE. First was working as personal assistant, after little time grow up as Manager of work with foreign staff and main clients. Was responsible to communicate and to receiving-sending emails, answering calls. Searching for new clients. Was involved in office meetings and preparing some individuals plans -propositions and online meetings. Additional responsibilities: – The conclusion and support of contracts; – An operational experience with clients; – to carry on negotiations; – to describe business processes; – to run information management; – to have computer skills; – knowledge of electronic (bank) payment systems. Other’s: 1. Performance of technical functions. X-copying of materials and documents. Departure and reception of taxes. Set of documents on the computer. Reception and correspondence sending. Information retrieval and help work. Cleanliness and order maintenance in a reception and an office of the head. Maintenance of a reception and the head a stationary. Maintenance of technical serviceability of office equipment. Yea preparation, coffee for the head and separate visitors. Preliminary purchase of products and drinks. 2. Telephone cervice Filtration of the phone calls addressed to the head. Record of telephone messages for lack of the head. Readdressing of phone calls to competent experts. Drawing up and constant updating of the internal telephone directory of departments and officials of firm. Drawing up and constant updating of the telephone directory of the organisations and persons with whom regular telephone contacts are supported. 3. The organisation of reception of visitors The coordination with the head of rules of reception of visitors and definition of priority persons. The coordination with the head of reception hours of employees on flawing and to private matters, visitors of other organisations. Scheduling (preliminary record) reception of visitors. 4. Preparation of negotiations and meetings Specification of date and carrying out place. The preliminary notification of participants of negotiations and meetings, the control over an appearance and the keen report to the head about the reasons of absence of participants. Maintenance of the control over preparation of materials to action. Skills. Computer skills: Good knowledge of Windows Xp, Windows Vista ( Ms Word, Excel, Adobe Reader, PDF, etc) Good knowledge of internet explorer. Language skills : English: Speaking, Reading, Writing -advanced level; Russian and Ukrainian: Native languages, advanced levels. Fast typing skills. Courses and trainings: -Attended group tuition and graduated with satisfactory the Course of General English -Upper Intermediate Level ( In Island Malta- from 15.10.2007 till 01.02. 2008). The Course was consisted of series of 20 lessons per week, from Monday to Friday with additional Cultural Activities and alive discussions and exercises with local populations. – In 2007 has passed a curriculum in college of models( Modelling Agency ) “Nefertiti Models” in subjects: modelling; the international etiquette; psychology in dialogue; visage; hairdressers art; defile; a choreography; dietology; actor’s skills; a photo class. Had taken part in city competition of beauty – of “Miss Mariupol” and receive a title – “Ms Elegance 2007”. Key skills and achievements: I can independently learn unfamiliar computer programs. I can study foreign languages independently. Personals trait’s : – keen to Purpose’s; – Diligence; – communication skills and kindness; – Friendly and easy going character; – Punctuality; – Responsibility; – Excellent outgoing personality; – Very mature and independent; – Have a keen willingness to learn; – Orientation to result; – Ability to work in a command. Interests: Travelling, Fashion, Shopping, Reading, Swimming, Sport, Cinema, Music and enjoying spending time with my daughter. Thank you for reading my C.V



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